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Custom splicing

Building our reputation since 2003, we are proud to be specialists in veneer custom splicing. Our subcontracting service is an interesting option for businesses wishing to respond quickly to a request exceeding their production capacity. We stand out by an experienced team, a personalized service and a desire to continuously invest in high-performance equipment. Compliance with deadlines and quality of work are our guidelines. Our passion for veneering is reflected in our work and is pushing us to always do better in order to meet our clientele's highest requirements. We also have an inventory of different species and grades of veneer sheets to meet all specific needs.  



The raw material is sliced veneers in thicknesses from 1/50" to 1/24" (0.5 mm to 1 mm) and arrives by truck or container.



The sliced veneer is inspected, cut to length and guillotined to remove defects as to always maximize wood. A thin layer of glue (PVA or UF) is then applied on each side of the packages.



The wood is placed on the conveyors following the order of the veneer sequences as to maximize yields.



Afterwards, the veneer is spliced according to the requirements of each customer: size, grade and layout (bookmatch, slipmatch, plankmatch…)



The sheets are then thoroughly inspected on one of our light tables and repaired as needed.



We offer the possibility of classifying your veneer according to the industry standards or your special requirements.



The veneer is carefully packaged in a custom way.



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